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Visual research, 2023


In this project we thoroughly immerse ourselves in the “cutre” aesthetic, looking for its limits and wondering how will it evolve in the era of artificial intelligence.

Book covers, 2021

Històries confinades

I designed the book covers for the simulation of a book series which talked about the covid situation in Catalonia.

Branding, 2021

Poblenou Eix Comercial

With Claudia Vieta, Celia Fabregat and Ton de Leon
Poblenou Eix Comercial asked BAU students to re-make their whole branding and this was our proposal project.

Packaging, 2023


This wine packaging was though for a red wine which was accessible to everyone and still a good choice for a dinner night with friends. I wanted to design a label which was modern and elegant at the same time.

Magazine, 2022

Neo Laugh

A self-written magazine in which I explore the concept of the meme and the internet concept of comedy.

Posters, 2021

Liceu's plays

Posters made with the marbling technique for Liceu’s
plays (simulation).

Photography, 2017

A daily journey

A series of self-portraits made to show the beauty in everyday life.

Magazine cover, 2019

Fiebre de primavera

This project was made during the first and longest covid lockdown we lived in Spain. The assignment was about designing the next cover of a magazine, which had to talk about the covid situation.

Album cover, 2020


A project for the music band Homovolens in which we printed their lyrics in their skin to make the image of their album.

Essay, 2021


An essay about hyperfeminity written and designed by me. Also made three posters about the topic.

Branding, 2022


With Claudia Vieta and Ton de Leon
This was a project about creating a new contemporary art museum in Barcelona and we created their image, branding and web design.

Essay, 2022


An analysis of the early 2000’s aesthetic and how the 2008 crisis ended it.